What is EMFACE?

EMFACE is a revolutionary skincare approach that combines the best of science and nature. This treatment is designed to rejuvenate, revitalise, and nourish your skin, providing you with a youthful and radiant complexion. It focuses on addressing the underlying causes of skin issues while promoting long term skin health.

How Does EMFACE Work?

EMFACE is a non invasive treatment that harnesses the power of HIFES (high intensity facial electrical stimulation) in conjunction with radiofrequency technology to enhance facial muscle density and promote the production of collagen and elastin.

EMFACE goes beyond surface level fixes. We believe that genuine beauty emanates from within, so our treatments are designed to promote overall well being and balance. 

What Are the Benefits of EMFACE?

  • Enhanced Facial Muscle Density: The treatment uses HIFES and radiofrequency technology to strengthen facial muscles, which can lead to improved facial contouring and a more youthful appearance.
  • Stimulated Collagen and Elastin Production: EMFACE encourages the natural production of collagen and elastin, two essential proteins that support skin firmness, elasticity and overall health.
  • Reduced Fine Lines and Wrinkles: By promoting collagen production, EMFACE can help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, leading to smoother, more youthful looking skin.
  • Improved Skin Texture: The treatment can enhance skin texture, making it feel softer and more refined.
  • Non Invasive: EMFACE is a non-surgical procedure, meaning it doesn't require incisions or anesthesia. This makes it a safe and convenient option for those seeking facial enhancement without the risks associated with surgery.
  • Quick and Convenient: Each session is typically efficient, often lasting around 30 minutes. There is minimal downtime, allowing you to return to your daily activities shortly after the treatment.
  • Natural Looking Results: EMFACE treatments are designed to deliver natural looking results that enhance your features without an overdone or artificial appearance.
  • Long Term Benefits: The stimulation of collagen and elastin continues to benefit your skin in the long term, leading to sustained improvements.

    What else can EMFACE help with?

    • Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMD): EMFACE is commonly used to diagnose and manage TMJ disorders, which can lead to pain, clicking or popping sounds, limited jaw movement, and other associated symptoms.
    • Bruxism: EMFACE can be helpful in diagnosing and treating bruxism, which is the grinding or clenching of teeth, often leading to TMJ issues and dental problems.
    • Myofascial Pain: It can be used to assess and treat myofascial pain in the facial muscles, which may manifest as pain, tension, and discomfort in the jaw, face, and head.
    • Orofacial Muscle Weakness or Imbalance: EMFACE can identify muscle weakness or imbalances in the facial muscles, which can contribute to issues like improper tongue posture, speech problems, and difficulties with swallowing.
    • Speech Disorders: EMFACE can assist in the assessment and treatment of speech disorders related to orofacial muscle dysfunction, such as articulation difficulties.
    • Malocclusion: It can be used in orthodontics to assess how muscle function affects bite alignment and jaw positioning.
    • Mouth Breathing: EMFACE can help identify and address issues associated with chronic mouth breathing, which can impact facial development and contribute to various problems.
    • Facial Asymmetry: EMFACE may aid in diagnosing and addressing facial asymmetry caused by muscle imbalances or TMJ dysfunction.
    • Postural Issues: In some cases, EMFACE may be used to evaluate how orofacial muscle function affects overall posture, as these muscles can play a role in head and neck posture.

    How long until I see results?

    The timing for experiencing visible results from EMFACE treatments can vary with each client and depends on several factors, including your specific concerns, the treatment plan, and how your skin responds. However, here's a general guideline:

    • Immediate Effects: Some¬†clients¬†notice immediate benefits such as improved skin texture, a subtle lift, or enhanced skin hydration right after the treatment session.
    • Many¬†clients begin to see more noticeable changes in their skin within a few weeks to a couple of months after starting EMFACE treatments. These changes may include a reduction in fine lines, increased skin firmness, and a fresher, more radiant complexion.
    • Individual Variations: Keep in mind that everyone's skin is unique, and individual results can vary. The rate at which you see noticeable changes may be influenced by factors like age, overall skin health, lifestyle, and genetics.

    Are there any risks associated with the EMFACE treatment?

    The EMFACE treatment is considered low risk, however some individuals may experience temporary redness, swelling, or irritation following facial treatments, particularly if the skin is sensitive or reactive.


    Why Choose EMFACE?

    At Better Bodies MediSpa, Our goal is to help you feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin. When choosing EMFACE, you're making an investment in your skin's long term health and radiance. The customised approach, and focus on natural beauty make it an appealing choice for those seeking to enhance their facial appearance.

    Is aftercare required?

    1. Avoid Sun Exposure: Direct sun exposure can increase the risk of irritation, inflammation, and pigmentation changes in the treated skin. Protect your skin by wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, avoiding prolonged sun exposure, and wearing protective clothing, hats, and sunglasses.

    2. Keep Skin Hydrated: Moisturize your skin regularly to maintain hydration and support the healing process. Choose a gentle, non-comedogenic moisturizer suitable for your skin type and apply it morning and evening.