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  • Ari

    I tried Fat Freezing and EMS here and the results are amazing, especially for fat freezing (I can see the results from just one session). My body fat percentage is also reduced weeks after the sessions. The EMS also increased my core strength. I did all of the sessions with Leah and she is really great, nice, friendly, and experienced! She is really passionate too in helping me to achieve my targets.
    The place is also very comfortable and has a very calming atmosphere. Very recommended!

  • Claire

    Couldn’t speak any higher of this Clinic or the owner Leah. The way Leah takes the time to understand each and everyone of her clients and the needs, insecurities and wants when it comes to areas they have struggled with the whole life. Leah is a helping hand to get back onto the road of body positively and making me feel comfortable in my skin. Wouldn’t go anywhere else or to anyone else when it comes to this line of work.

  • Christine

    Leah is amazing!! She is really friendly and is super informative. The EMS session that I booked went so well that I am lining her up for other sessions and treatments. I am really happy with how the session went espically as I was a bit nervous before going in but Leah put me right at ease. Highly recommend!

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